My name is Christine, this is my footprint on the Web

I write about people in the Okanagan Valley and beyond who capture my interest while I’m on the move. 

I work in the community as well as I attend full time studies at Okanagan College. I am progressing more towards engaging more fully in our community by bringing awareness of what I see that’s worth sharing.

  • Unpacking learned views and ideas from those who have touched my life.
  • Engaging in dialogue via interview/conversation with others on issues and points of interest– places not always seen,  to the public eye but worth exploring.

Bear with me; this is my first attempt at blogging, which started from my digital media class, and this is such a great experience for me to learn and work through and continue.

Published by Okanagan Valley View

Mother, SFO, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer, Independent Contractor-Invincible Housing, SSVdP, Employee for Interior Health

One thought on “My name is Christine, this is my footprint on the Web

  1. I am just discovering your page today. I just read your blog post about Womanhood from April 2020 and it was powerful and I liked it so much I am going to share it to my wife. I think it had so much valuable thoughts it could have been broken up into a number of smaller reads. I think that would be better because often people when listening to a speech only remember the last thing said, and maybe the opening, since you had a great deal of content that was insightful I think what I call “digestible chunks” in multiple posts help readers remember more and as a blogger you get more visits.

    I look forward to reading your feedback on my blog. Best wishes from Penticton ! – David

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