Beauty Joy and The Process of Life and Death

I knew before the doctors told me that I had life in my womb. I didn’t know what was wrong, I knew that my body wasn’t my own and it felt different, like I was sharing my body with someone. I thought I was going crazy and I turned to my husband at that time while he lay half asleep and said, “My body doesn’t feel like my own I feel like it’s been invaded.” July 1st, 2005, I felt very sick and thought I had been poisoned. We got to the hospital and on Canada Day I found out I was pregnant, and there truly was, ‘fireworks’. I was so happy to feel sick because I had a baby inside me and I loved the very life that I haven’t even seen yet. This is the beauty of life.

“Dying is easy its living that scares me to death”

Annie Lennox
Amanda Seyfried, Lily James & Meryl Streep – My Love, My Life

Today, I received a survey in my inbox, from Dan Albas, with this link at the bottom:

We are not animals, we are humans with a choice.

I was happy to fill out the survey, but it is a concerning survey, because I happen to be one of those people who honors all life and felt the need to do that. I walked with a friend who was diagnosed and later died of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). I also walked with another friend who had esophageal cancer. Recently, my good friend had a double mastectomy. And another of my friend that I had grown to love very much and still do died of prostrate cancer that metastasized to his bone. It’s not that unusual for me to have so many friends who got sick and got better, and so many others who got sick and passed away. That is because I facilitate a prayer circle for those who suffer from cancer and other catastrophic illnesses.

When I met Mildred for the first time, she was in her late 70’s, she was dying and I volunteered to be there for the family and for Mildred for 4 months. I was very young and didn’t really have a clue about life much accept that I wanted to volunteer. The first time I met Mildred I fell in love with this beautiful old woman and her family. She had the biggest smile for me, and even though the pain was intense she never once complained, she only smiled and prayed. Her humility and strength was a surprise to me. She couldn’t speak but we held space together. The moment I will never forget is when I caressed her hair and rubbed gently her forehead. This was love. I loved her very much, and her life and process of dying has given me the gift of seeing the world through the authentic eyes of a human being, leaving this world to Heaven.

My friend, who had ALS it was a process for her, she began to fall, and then she needed braces to walk, then a wheelchair, then she needed assistance to talk through innovative computerized equipment. She too, always had a smile, and peace, and even in her darkest days, she was filled with life beyond the chair, and her circumstances had moved so many people to see the strength and in her that came from God. She prayed through everything, and we could see her peace in such a trial.

My other friend she too suffered with cancer then addiction because with cancer and pain medication it was difficult to control. She never gave up, she never took the easy way, she had her moments but she was so strong, and her prayers were so strong, that even in her suffering, she showed us how to live and love, despite the circumstances that life can bring. She struggled with every breath and yet she smiled, and holding a hand and sharing a prayer this too is love.

Euthanasia takes so much away from family and the person who is suffering. It takes away the dignity of life and the process of death. It takes away the love that can only come forward in the process of death in such a way that brings the very truth and fibres of family and friends to levels that one just can’t get to unless we go through this transformation of life to death.

Animals do not have a choice. We cannot make laws that suit animals be okay to suit people. There is a reason we have free will. I strongly urge those who are suffering and afraid to rethink what they are doing because with every action of choice there is a consequence. We have consequences here and the families where a loved one chooses to end their lives out of fear and not fulfilling their circle of life and choosing to kill themselves will leave a permanent separation from family for the rest of their life with no way to be reunited. We h ave reuniting with our relatives as a celebration, why do you think this would end after death? This is not the end there is an afterwards and all actions have their consequence.

Do not leave fear of death and pain the only legacy to your family. Be brave finish out your life and allow the compassion of others to do for you what will help them in their life have compassion and honor for a human being

I want to tell Mr. Justin Trudeau, how sad it is that Government legalized euthanasia without really thinking about what these 6,700 people and families have missed because they chose to die by MAID. Where is the honor in taking the easy way out, when all you have left is fear, fear one leaves to their families and fear one leaves afterwards. What does that tell us about human beings and the worth of a person? to deprive another of compassion and care? because of what ? PRIDE?

I leave you with this today of my view this evening from the Okanagan Valley, life is more precious to those around us than we realize. We are all connected in life to a much greater purpose and in the dying process that purpose is fully realized. The value your life has to others, is more valuable to teach the world how to love and how to have compassion that MAID destroys. Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

This video below as well, brings to light another view.

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I am currently a second-year student in Communications, Culture, and Journalism at OUC who hopes to attend UVIC to further my education. I have shifted my educational focus to be a part of the community's communication solution and advocacy work. I am originally from Ontario and love the Fall season there, and I also love the fall season here in BC. I have always loved writing and current events. My five-year plan is to write and advocate in the community by strategically planning and developing ways to minimize the information overload and investigate false ideas of support. I am also a Mother, OFS, daughter, Auntie, sister, and friend. I am a writer and an Independent Contractor.

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