Caged Birds and the Hope of Flight

I was born in a time of protests and revolutions, where rallies rose as the vices of students and groups had their say to make changes to long-standing systems. We were moving away from the first wave of feminism into the second wave.

Doodle art by Christine Reeves

Two years ago, life changed for all nations of the world. The change was not Covid 19 that crept into the lives of every one of us. It was the change in our ability to understand who we are amidst a global idea of a pandemic. The change shifted from what we know to the hysteria of misinformation. Powers from our government and Public Health have blown into a social media data news frenzy. We became the enslavement of mass amounts of people who have become desensitized to balancing information from two sides of a coin. The only way I can express it. One side has an image. Flip the coin and another image. Both images are different but are one coin. Our Country is like a coin. Let us complicate it further, we have the coin, the Canadians, and then there is the manufacturing of the money, representing our government.

Those who serve the Canadians have flipped the image upside down, and because they work in the very crux of it all, they can see how easy it is to change the image ever so slightly.
Why are Canadians reacting to the fear our government is displaying? We are all here for a short time, yet some Canadians are questioning how the government spends our money and time.

There is a reason I stopped writing this blog. Perhaps it is because of the harshly censored writers. After all, many are witnesses to fake news happening to larger-than-life broadcasting companies. It could also be fear that as a writer something about the current state of Canada and the communities Canadians live in, a majority are suffering severe consequences for what they post on social media and other spaces on the web.

The bird had wounded its heart
I wanted to fix it
The bird couldn’t fly
I wanted to make it a new wing
I caged the bird, the bird died
I wanted to make it live forever
The bird flew away
I caught the bird and let it go
the bird lived

Think about that for a moment. Our Prime Minister of Canada states, ‘keep Canadians safe,’ safe from what and who? Our current government has bullied many, and many Canadians have displayed how unsafe they are while Liberals are in power.

I got sick with the flu.

The PCR test told me it was Covid 19 twice. Do I believe in the accuracy of a PCR test? No, I do not. Is Covid 19 a real issue? Yes, I believe it is, but I do not understand how public health can throw out figures and numbers of deaths and sicknesses due to covid because people get sick with the flu. I also think there are sides to our science and medical experts that need to come together and hash out misinformation, sit down and look at what is working and what is not with medical and science professionals who have a different view of our current situation about the pandemic we have been made aware of by our government and public health ministers all over the world.

I have gone to my community’s rally to support the Freedom Convoy. Yes, you are correct; I am one of those people who have attended and supported the peaceful rallies in my local community.

Photo by Christine Reeves

It is heartbreaking to see some families and communities pitted against each other. Difference of opinion means you are cancelled or, worse yet, judged to the highest degree.

Half of the community has been dismissed by their employer because they would not comply with the mandates of our Public Health orders. Some cannot serve in the community to help those in need because the government and public health officials tell us that we risk others if we do not comply with their ideas of information. We no longer hug our friends or neighbours. Half of the community is cancelling family visits because they have refused the jab. Then we have the other side of some families who have had severe physical reactions and have been pushed aside for severe physical ailments because the jab hurt them and caused disabling effects that no one in our Canadian Federal Government is paying attention to.

Our fingerprints are unique and different, and we are all not the same. Mass injections of one form of treatment and trial will affect each person differently.

Some families cannot see their children due to the mandates that public health and government officials have ordered; this has created a divide in our backyards.

We live in a great battle, and the circle of unity broke until The Canadian Truckers for Freedom came to our rescue.

It took Covid 19 to reveal the actual ugly head of power and oppression to breathe a new kind of air. The type of air is fear and control and the stopping of all touching, hugging, singing, working, and buying for what. Compassion and listening to both sides of the coin are necessary to have peace and forgiveness. We need to change our ways and look into the camera without the lens cover on.

If we are not careful and go with only one side of the information, we will not understand how to flip the coin to see the other side. I also realize that we have two holes in our nose for a good reason and a hole in the mouth that does not muffle it with chemical-laced material; the hole in our mouth also allows us the ability to speak. Many Canadians stopped talking and stopped sharing?

The mandates are harming so many. A friend of mine said the generation of children today will not read people’s expressions on their faces because of the mask covering half of the citizens’ faces. That alone may hinder growth and social awareness.

I am heartbroken over the current state of our government, which is name-calling and bullying many Canadians. One side of Canada is against the mandates, and the other is for the mandates. I am frustrated that the government cannot look at both sides and come together with the medical experts currently protesting with the Truckers’ convoy and rationally and peacefully look at the two-sided picture on the one coin.

I stopped writing because I lost faith in people and my government my idea of being Canadian shifted downward. No one is paying attention to the ‘dismissed’ Canadians who lost our voices and this is the workers in our country this is all of us. Our labor represents the rim; the edge is unity with no break in the whole circle representing all Canadians. I long for the community to hug, smile and build bridges with each other again and for everyone to stop asking if people had the jab or for government to stop creating division and oppression for people that do not want the jab or cannot have it.

The convoy of Truckers came in droves. I burst out crying with new hope. I began to see a shift in my community, people talking more, removing their masks and smiling again. I started to see people come together as I had never seen before. A unity that makes me smile as I write this. I pray for Canada and all of our beautiful nations of the world, and I hope that somehow we can forgive and respect both sides, even if it means to touch the leper who needs bread.

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I am currently a second-year student in Communications, Culture, and Journalism at OUC who hopes to attend UVIC to further my education. I have shifted my educational focus to be a part of the community's communication solution and advocacy work. I am originally from Ontario and love the Fall season there, and I also love the fall season here in BC. I have always loved writing and current events. My five-year plan is to write and advocate in the community by strategically planning and developing ways to minimize the information overload and investigate false ideas of support. I am also a Mother, OFS, daughter, Auntie, sister, and friend. I am a writer and an Independent Contractor.

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