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When a significant life transition happens, many emotions can move a person into a state of questioning, “What do I do now?” It happens to all of us when faced with a job loss, transitioning from staying at home to returning to work after a significant illness. Disabilities can have a considerable impact on one’s employment.

I faced a change myself, and I researched programs to help me overcome the barriers I met that Covid 19 had impacted my life to such a degree that I had to find a new career. The transitioning was more than difficult because I was with my employment for 10 years, which led to depression and anxiety about what I would do next. The door shut on my face, and I couldn’t see any doors opening for me; however, I didn’t give up easily searching for new ways to gain employment while continuing my studies at Okanagan College.

That is when I found the Open Door Group. When I applied and talked with them, things went smoothly. The program opened up doors that I didn’t realize there were doors. I learned to adjust my job scope today and see my relevant skills and experience that guided me in updating my resume and seeing the job market opportunities in our computerized age.

The Career Path Program helped me upgrade my First Aid and other Certifications I needed, and the program’s content was thorough, exciting, and fun.

If you find you are hit with challenges or significant changes and need help to guide you through the barriers and gain new skills, I strongly urge you to contact Career Paths. They have offices in Kelowna, Vancouver, and Kamloops. Here is more information:


What do you want to do for work? Need training? We can help you get there!

The Career Pathways to Success program is a 6 week employment program that supports people with disabilities and mental health issues to gain confidence, tools and resources to pursue their career dreams. Participants will be provided with opportunities to identify viable employment goals through career exploration and the ability to access certificate and skills training necessary to be competitive and successful in today’s labour market.

Career Pathways to Success uses a hybrid (blended) method of instruction.  This includes:

*        Online Learning: Group learning delivered through Zoom Video Conferencing so that
participants participate from home.

*        In-Person Learning: There are several training certificates that require in-person attendance,
such as First Aid.

All participants receive the following in order to ensure their success in the CPS program:

*        Laptop, earbuds and tech support

  *   Workbooks for all workshops provided
  *   Weekly food supports ($50 gift card emailed weekly to participants)
  *   A completion bonus ($600 stipend upon completion)
  *   Additional paid training, as determined by the participant’s training plan (First Aid, WHMIS,
SuperHost, Serving it Right etc.)
  *   Other financial supports and resource navigation as required


*        Participants identify as having a disability
*        Participants are unemployed or precariously employed
*       Participants are able to work in Canada legally

Promotional information is attached. Please visit our website below and fill out the application form if you are interested. You will be invited to the next Career Pathways to Success information session to start the process.

For this particular Program you can contact:
Denise Scott | Program Coordinator
Career Pathways to Success:

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