Where Does the Extra Parking Money Go, When It Doesn’t Dispense Change Back?

My friend paid $3.00 for parking at the Museum in Kelowna but the ticket meter’s total was for $2.50. I was surprised that she was losing .50 cents. “You know some meters in Kelowna are like this one, where they don’t give change back.  I wonder what the city does with all that extra money?Continue reading “Where Does the Extra Parking Money Go, When It Doesn’t Dispense Change Back?”

Events Coming up to watch for:

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mind-of-mine-mental-health-forum-2020-tickets-88519499205?aff=efbevent My Sociology Professor shared an event that Mind of Mine Foundation is putting on a Mental Health Forum on January 29th. There are wonderful speakers and it is well worth attending. Student Services has tickets. I am going to try to attend! http://www.usandthemthefilm.ca/ My Digital Media Instructor shared a documentary movie showing here inContinue reading “Events Coming up to watch for:”

You Touched Me!

I wonder, how you would react if this happened to you? I drove to school, the traffic was light and I parked my car with ease. After my first class I was walking towards the library from the courtyard, then something extraordinarily strange happened. A student slipped his hand in mine and walked with meContinue reading “You Touched Me!”

My name is Christine, this is my footprint on the Web

I write about people in the Okanagan Valley and beyond who capture my interest while I’m on the move.  I work in the community as well as I attend full time studies at Okanagan College. I am progressing more towards engaging more fully in our community by bringing awareness of what I see that’s worthContinue reading “My name is Christine, this is my footprint on the Web”