Interesting Observation

“When you do the things that you can do, you will find a way.”― A.A. Milne The projector didn’t work in class last Friday, and our instructor found a temporary solution and asked us to gather around in a circle, in order to view the videos he had chosen for his lecture. We all moved tablesContinue reading “Interesting Observation”

The Focus for My Blog

“Life is a Journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved”, Winnie the Pooh When I think of community, I think of a culture of people who live in the same town who communicate based on culture, interests, inspirations and social connections. I focus my blog on the communities where I live. TheContinue reading “The Focus for My Blog”

My name is Christine, this is my footprint on the Web

I write about people in the Okanagan Valley and beyond who capture my interest while I’m on the move.  I work in the community as well as I attend full time studies at Okanagan College. I am progressing more towards engaging more fully in our community by bringing awareness of what I see that’s worthContinue reading “My name is Christine, this is my footprint on the Web”