Where Does the Extra Parking Money Go, When It Doesn’t Dispense Change Back?

My friend paid $3.00 for parking at the Museum in Kelowna but the ticket meter’s total was for $2.50. I was surprised that she was losing .50 cents.

“You know some meters in Kelowna are like this one, where they don’t give change back.  I wonder what the city does with all that extra money? ” my friend Maria asked.

I started thinking about that.  I called the City of Kelowna’s Parking Coordinator, Andrew Wilson today to get some information about where the accumulation of funds go from all the parking meters that keep the change. I’m glad I talked to him, it put to rest some misgivings for me.

“The department isn’t funded under taxation, to build parking structures, we rely on reserves. The extra monies that we accumulate goes towards the reserve funds and then used towards the purchase of land, and maintain the city parking areas. There are different ways one can pay for convenience, there is the pay by phone app where you can be anywhere and pay for extra time on your parking meter or there is also the credit card option,” said Wilson.

I don’t park much downtown, and if I do, I usually pay at the parkade or I usually park after 5 PM or on holidays when I am in Kelowna.  Now that I am more informed, I can easily download the ‘pay by phone’ App on my phone for convenience.

When I looked further into what the city has for Kelowna’s parking structure on this particular issue, I found a document that is online called, ‘City of Kelowna Parking Policy Framework’, this was a final report dated on March of 2013. One of the goals the city mentioned in the document was to reduce transportation demands while ensuring adequate parking to support businesses.  The other goal was to reduce automobile traffic to support Kelowna and the community. (31)

You can also take a peek by clicking the below link, titled ‘Parking Policy framework’, page 27 where the city shows how much parking revenue was made.

http://apps.kelowna.ca/CityPage/Docs/PDFs/Council%5CMeetings%5CCouncil Meetings 2013%5C2013-05-13%5CRegular AM/Agenda Package – Regular AM Council Meeting_May13_2013.pdf?#Page=8

Events Coming up to watch for:


My Sociology Professor shared an event that Mind of Mine Foundation is putting on a Mental Health Forum on January 29th. There are wonderful speakers and it is well worth attending. Student Services has tickets. I am going to try to attend!

photo by Christine Reeves


My Digital Media Instructor shared a documentary movie showing here in the Okanagan Valley at different locations and different times throughout the Interior. I am going to go to this screening, it took 10 years to make!  The documentary movie is called Us and Them.

You Touched Me!

I wonder, how you would react if this happened to you?

I drove to school, the traffic was light and I parked my car with ease. After my first class I was walking towards the library from the courtyard, then something extraordinarily strange happened. A student slipped his hand in mine and walked with me a few steps. I turned to him and said, “What are you doing, do you think I’m someone you know?” That was the only thing that I could think to say. He said it was for his psychology class. Another one of my random moments that made me giggle and think, ‘how peculiar’.

My curiosity was peaked, so I found an article online that I read and found it interesting called, ‘Why Holding Hands is important, According to Science’ by Sarah Wolstencroft, (2017) https://www.entitymag.com/holding-hands-science-intimacy/ . I would never have looked that up if it weren’t for this strange encounter.


The Occasional Smile

“”I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I have been.” Winnie-the-Pooh”

I believed I could dig all the way to far away countries just by a shovel digging In the sand at the beach. Now, we can look at the world where we are and not have to travel to experience culture and new friends by allowing ourselves to be open and engage not so much by using a shovel in the sand to try to reach another world but by a click we can walk in a garden of beautiful people.

Today, I was walking on campus, there were milliseconds of moments where I glanced at random passersby, smiled engaged with others and went on my way. Then something unexpected happened, I accidentally walked up the steps to the library on the wrong side, so it was me, dodging students, smiling and trying to get up safely, It was awkward, but, I received many awkward smiles back. People are very gracious. It’s in these kinds of humbling moments that make me giggle even in brief encounters of sharing an occasional smile.

My name is Christine, this is my footprint on the Web

I write about people in the Okanagan Valley and beyond who capture my interest while I’m on the move. 

I work in the community as well as I attend full time studies at Okanagan College. I am progressing more towards engaging more fully in our community by bringing awareness of what I see that’s worth sharing.

  • Unpacking learned views and ideas from those who have touched my life.
  • Engaging in dialogue via interview/conversation with others on issues and points of interest– places not always seen,  to the public eye but worth exploring.

Bear with me; this is my first attempt at blogging, which started from my digital media class, and this is such a great experience for me to learn and work through and continue.

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